(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

With all the extreme racing games out on the market today, you’d think it would be hard to find a new one. Now a new one, and even better, a more fun one has just hit the markets. Apex. Apex combines all that you need in a racing game: Spectacular graphics, Real-time psychics, and most importantly, (kick ass) game play.

The names sounds weird, the cover doesn’t say much, but this game is one of the best racing games on the market. With past releases of Grand Turmiso, and the recent release of Midnight Club 2, Apex had a lot to compete with. Grand Turmiso, with extraordinary graphics and amazing physics it was ranked very highly and has unbeatable replay value. Midnight Club 2, a greatly anticipated game has done very well so far with fast paced game play and exciting storyline. Apex has basically combined those two together and created an ultimate game.

When first entering the game, you see two menu options, Dream mode, and Arcade mode. Dream mode is the storyline, the best part of the game.

In Dream mode, the main part of the game is to get your new Car Company, in which you completely customize the logo and name, off the ground and get to be known by the racing world. Upon doing this you choose from three car models, and then they are built. From here you have to race your car, let people see the power and beauty of it. When completing a circuit you get an upgrade for your car. This is my favorite part of the game.

Arcade mode is the core game play. You choose your type of race, your race area that includes Mountains, Raceway, City and Stadium/Speedway. Each one of these has multiple tracks that you must unlock in the Dream mode.

The game play to me is the best i’ve seen for the xbox in a while. Its very, very fast paced. I found myself having to pause the game to scratch my nose. The dream mode is my favorite part of a game ever; it makes you so you keep on wanting to play the game. This isn’t a game where you can beat it in 6 or 8 hours, no, this game will take a long time to beat. There are many, many circuits that you have to complete and they get more and more difficult as you go on. I also love the way you get upgrades for your car.

Then your friends come over and you start to chill, and want to play games, this is a game you would want to get, believe me. The multiplayer is very good, you can choose from a selection of cars, your track from the hundreds of tracks to choose from, and race. Race for hours.

The sound was very good for this game as well, you can tell when your car is going to shift gears, and the crashing sounds good as well. The music is great to. In most games I find myself hearing the music instead of the sound effects, but in this one I found the music to just be there, and that’s a good thing.

Going through the game I started to see just how amazing these graphics were. All over your car you could see real-time reflections of the road, sky, walls, just everything. The crashing is also pretty good too. The bumper will drag on the ground and sparks will shoot out after enough damage. The lighting is pretty good as well. From the beginning I knew that the graphics were going to be good, when I saw the guy walking around and his lips moving to the words. Also the logos that you make are Excellent, they spent a lot of time working on those.

The controls were good in this game, I really didn’t find myself searching for a button, and it just all seemed to be there. The acceleration and breaking is a good setup in this game as well. Instead of the usual A = Go, and X = Stop. The right shoulder button is go and the left is stop. I found that great.

This game in my opinion is the best racing game for the Xbox Console. It absolutely to the last bit, perfect. I love the way you start a car company and promote it through rough, hardcore racecourses and earn upgrades. Best idea i’ve seen for a racing game in a while. I love the graphics and the AI is really good. It just doesn’t follow a track, it actually thinks, and makes mistakes.

So far i’ve only had this game for 3 days, but so far it has been the best 3 days on my Xbox Console next to Halo. I will probably play this more than Grand Trimuso. I’ve been play Grand Trimuso since it came out and it hasn’t lost its fun, and I seriously doubt this game ever will.

Story 9.5/10
Great storyline, best i’ve seen. You create your own company and promote it, very nice choice. The only little problem I seemed to find was the guy who you work with and builds your car seemed a bit corny.

Game play 9/10
Equivalent to Grand Trimuso, if not better than it. In your face extreme racing game. Its all real time, and the graphics make it all the better. The speed of the game is also amazing with all the highly detailed modeling.

Sound 9/10
Great sound effects, no flaws that I could find. The music is very suitable for this game, not to over the top, but no classical music either.

Replay Value 9/10
I will be playing this game until Apex 2 comes out. It is just to good, there is so much to do and all of the cars to race with. This is a great game that you can just play.

Graphics: 9/10
Excellent graphics, there is so much detail put into everything. The cars, the Ads, the People, the Buildings and so on. I believe these are some of the best for a car game at the moment.

Controls 9.5/10
Nice control job, not to difficult to learn and are nicely setup. Only problem is, is that there isn’t a use for every button and I think they could have done so.

Overall 9/10
In the end, this game is very good. Again, one of the best I have seen in a long time, probably since Grand Trimuso. Excellent graphics, nice sound, Great controls, and best of all I will be playing this over and over and over again.