(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

EVGA Warranty

EVGA is not only famous for being one of the top NVIDIA Graphics cards brands, but also for one of the best warranty and customer support on the market. 
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EVGA leads the pack of all GPU brands with their 3-year warranty for new products. What is even better is that this warranty is fully transferable to the new owner, so if you decided to buy second hand EVGA graphics card, the remaining warranty will be transferred to you and you can use your card worry-free for the remainder of the warranty. 

There are some GPUs which have only 2-year warranty, then there is the B-stock program with 1-year warranty, and some refurbished products with only 90 day warranty. 

In order to determine what warranty your product carrier, you should check the product code suffix. The table below explains the warranty by product code. 

WarrantyProduct Suffix
EVGA 3 Year Warranty -A1, -A2, -A3, -A4, -AR, -AX, -CR, -CX, -DX, -FR, -FX, -SG, -SX, -KR, -K1, -K2, -K3, -K4, -K5 -KB, -KA, -KF, -KM
EVGA 2 year Warranty-LA, -LE, -LR, -L1, -LX, -T1, -T2, -TR, -TX
EVGA 1 Year Warranty-B1, -BR, -BX, -DR, -RX
EVGA 90 Days Warranty-RB

It is important to mention that the Transferrable warranty applied only to the 3 year and 2 year warranty products. You cannot transfer warranty for B-stock or Refurbished GPU units. 

EVGA Step Up Program

Other than EVGA Warranty, the company offers another unique program to the customers – the Step Up program. The EVGA Step Up program is aimed at people who are worried that by buying a new card just before a release of a new product line, they will be stuck on old products without a possibility to upgrade to the latest graphics cards.

What it means is that if you buy a EVGA Graphics card, and in 90 days NVIDIA comes up with a new model, then you don’t have to sell the old card and buy a new one, but you can use EVGA Step Up Program where for a fee EVGA will upgrade your GPU. 

All you need to do is pay a difference between what you paid for the original Graphics card, and the price of the new Graphics card on EVGA website. 

The EVGA Step Up program is available for products with 3 years warranty, purchased directly through EVGA, or through an authorized reseller. 

How to use the EVGA Step Up Program

To upgrade your Graphics card, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register your product warranty on EVGA website within 14 days of purchase. This step is really important, because if you don’t register your warranty first, you will have to buy an extended warranty for your Step Up product. If you register your warranty within 14 days, then this warranty will be transferred to your step up product for free. 
  2. Upload the invoice copy to EVGA
  3. Start a request for a Step-Up within 90 days of the original purchase date
  4. Wait….
  5. Get approved by EVGA after their review process if you meet all the conditions of the program
  6. Pay the difference between your original price and the price of the new product. You have to do this within 7 days after approval 
  7. Ship your old EVGA GPU to the company within 14 days of the payment
  8. One EVGA receives your graphics card, they will send you back the new one you upgraded to
  9. …Profit…?

Some good to know info on the EVGA Step-up program:

  • Step-up products do not qualify for free games promotions
  • You have to be without any graphics card for a period of time, there is just no way around that
  • EVGA Step-up is good only for original owner, not for resold product
  • You cannot Step-up an already stepped-up product (this is some serious inception shit)
  • You will not get any money back if you are stepping-up to a cheaper EVGA GPU
  • You can’t use EVGA bucks to pay for the Step-up price difference
  • Step-up cannot be combined with any other promotion
  • You can’t step-up power supply or a mouse
  • Warranty of the Stepped-up product will start at the shipping date of the new product from EVGA
  • You don’t need to send back any promotional items you received with the purchase of your original product like free games, posters, etc.
  • EVGA Step-up Verification takes 1-2 business days
  • EVGA Step-up is available only to residents of US, EU and Canada
  • The Step-up must be done to a higher performing Graphics card, not lower. So you can’t step-up from GTX 1080 to GTX 1070 for example
  • Products must be purchased directly from EVGA or from an authorized reseller to be qualified. 
  • You need original invoice/receipt to be eligible