(Last Updated On: September 16, 2019)

EVGA B Stock

The company is pretty famous for its  EVGA B Stock program, which is a great way to find awesome deal on Graphics cards, but also other products. It is not even refurbished product. It’s rather a product with some small dents, possibly scratches, or product which has been used before. 

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All these graphics cards are re-certified directly by EVGA so that they match the quality, reliability and also performance of the same model as a new product. 

It is important to note that the B Stock units do not include special accessories or extra free games with the purchase. Usually it is just a product itself, so you must be OK with not getting the extras. But you would be saving a lot of money instead. 

EVGA B Stock Warranty

EVGA is so confident in it’s recertification process, that it is giving customers a full 1-year warranty on any of its B Stock GPUs and other products. This is really unique and is worth a lot of value. Other GPU manufacturers usually provide just few months warranty for their refurbished products, so 1 year is just an excellent offer. The 1 year warranty also gives you plenty of time to fully test the graphics card, or even try to over-clock it. EVGA is famous for its customer support excellence and returning broken card and getting replacement is usually pretty smooth.

There is however another fairly unknown advantage to this 1-year warranty. A lot of times EVGA sells older models using this program, which they need to get rid of. Which increases the chances that 1 year from the purchase of such GPU, they won’t have replacement unit on stock in you need to return yours if it breaks down. That’s why in such a case, the company sometimes sends newer and better model as a replacement for your broken B Stock unit, so customers sometimes get a free graphics card upgrade on a card which they already save a lot of money. 

EVGA B stock advantages

The following are the advantages of buying EVGA B Stock GPU card. 


EVGA B Stock Price is definitely the biggest advantage. You get a fabulous GPU or other product, for much better price than a full retail price. You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars by buying through this program.

EVGA B Stock Warranty

Even though the EVGA B Stock products are not completely new, EVGA still offers a full 1-year warranty on them. This is a very unique feature and really no other GPU producer does this and offers the same. So if you buy a B Stock product, you can be sure that if it breaks within a year, you can return it and get a replacement without any issues at all. 

There are even examples of customers who tried to return B Stock Product, but because EVGA did not have the same model in stock anymore, the company sent back better model, so the customer actually got an upgrade for free. 

In this reddit example, Redditor got a EVGA Titan Black card. When he tried to return it, EVGA sent him back actually 980ti card which is a better model, because they already run out of Titan Blacks by the time the customer claimed the return. So really you can get sometimes lucky and get upgraded to better card. 

Detailed Recertification

EVGA promises you that each B Stock unit they are selling went through internal testing and recertification unit. So what they are saying is that each B Stock product meet the performance and reliability of actually new product of the same model. This can give you peace of mind if you are worried that the GPU would actually not be working at all – don’t worry, as said the performance and reliability of a B Stock unit is the same as a regular unit. 

EVGA Customer Support 

The EVGA Customer Support kind of goes hand in hand with the warranty. EVGA is famous for it’s fast and on point customer support. You have a question? They will reply very quickly. You need to return a product? They won’t ask stupid questions and will process the return ASAP. They are really one of the best Nvidia producers, and there is a good reason for that. 

EVGA B Stock Disadvantages

The following are the disadvantages of buying EVGA B Stock GPU card. 

It is a used product

You are getting a nice discount for the product, and the reason is simple. It is not a completely new product. These cards have been used and returned back to EVGA. According to EVGA the B Stock products can have scratches, dents and also signs of significant use. So if you are looking for a shiny new GPU card, you might be out of luck here. However there are reports from a lot of Reddit users that the card they received looked like new, without any dents or scratches at all. So it is all about how much risk do you want to take, and really how much do you value completely new look of a card. 

EVGA B Stock Does Not Offer a full warranty

So we have the warranty on both, advantages and disadvantages. Looks weird, right? Look, 1 year warranty for used product is excellent. The issue is that EVGA offer 3 year warranty on all their other GPUs. That’s an industry leading warranty for sure. So the decision is tough. Do you want to save a few $, sometimes few hundreds of dollars, but at the same time lose 2 years of warranty? 

No EVGA Step up program

EVGA B stock products are not eligible for one of the most amazing EVGA programs – the EVGA Step up program. Using the Step Up program, you can upgrade your existing GPU to a newer one, just for the price difference between what you paid and the price of the new generation GPU. We have a specific page about EVGA Step Up program with all the details and conditions. 

You won’t get free games and promos

EVGA B Stock products do not come with extra promotions, free items, and most common free new AAA Title Games which has been a trendy giveaway in recent years. Most of the times buyers of new GPUs can find a deal which gives then 2-3 new games, usually worth around $40-$80. With EVGA B stock, none of these promos are going to apply and you will not be getting any freebies with your purchase. 

It is important to note that the these units do not include special accessories or extra free games with the purchase. Usually it is just a product itself, so you must be OK with not getting the extras. But you would be saving a lot of money instead.