(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

EVGA Graphics cards (GPU) overview

EVGA is one of the largest Nvidia partners on the GPU field. It is also one of the few 3rd party GPU producers who are exclusive to just one brand of GPUs. That means that EVGA is purely focusing on NVIDIA GPU, and you will not find any AMD GPUs in the line-up here. 

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EVGA is very well known for it’s superb EVGA GPU warranty (click for more info). We also have a separate article on EVGA GPU B-Stock cards.

Every week on Wednesdays there is EVGA Mid Week Madness, when the company sells a lot of their GPUs and other products for significant discounts. 

And lastly as the only Graphics manufacturer, EVGA offers a 90 day Step-up program for their GPUs.  

There are many product lines in the GPU offering, so let’s look at them one by one


The GAMING line is specifically designed for smaller cases with little space and possibly bad ventilation. Some of the cards are of the blower style, which means the air is pushed hard out of the case, so it helps very well with removing hot air from your case and help with overall cooling of your gaming setup. 


The BLACK series provide excellent value, however it does offer great cooling at the same time. These are one of the best value for money cards on the market. They usually come with stock clock speeds, so they are not overclocked. 


EVGA XC is the middle and the heart of the product line. Usually these cards are 2 to 2.75 slots, and come with slightly higher GPU clock speeds than the factory speed, so there is some slight overclocking done out of the box, without the need of you having to do anything. 


EVGA XC 2 cards are just beasts, focused on the highest performance possible. These thick 2.75 slots pieces are featuring great cooling and also high overclocks out of the box so you don’t have to think about anything but gaming. 


As you can say from the name, the EVGA FTW 3 cards are the only ones in the line up featuring 3 fans, not just 2, and thus significantly improving the cooling abilities of the card. This is the best performance and cooling you can get if you don’t want to do water-cooling or hybrid cards. 

EVGA Hybrid

EVGA Hybrid bring you the performance of liquid cooling without the need for full water cooling PC Setup. These are the ideal All-in-one solutions for NVIDIA GPUs. The set comes with Radiator, Pump and Fans. Just make sure you have enough room in your case for this beast. The Hybrid comes in FTW3 and XC Models

EVGA Hydro Copper

EVGA Hydro Copper is a card for someone who already has a customer water cooling solution installed in his PC, so do not get this if you don’t know what water cooling is, or just if you don’t have it 🙂 .  The newest versions come with RGB lighting effect which will brighten up your case. This the best of the best for all the water cooling fanatics. 

EVGA iCX GPU Cooling

EVGA is using something they call iCX2 Interactive cooling on all of their fans GPUs. This is a patented technology based on advanced analytics of current temperature data and interactive fans activation to get the best cooling possible. This is possible thanks to extra 9 thermal sensors and also the card monitors the wattage real time, getting enough data to make instant cooling decision. On top of that, the fans are asynchronous, which means they can each spin in different speeds and focus the cooling efforts on the spots where the Graphics card needs the cooling the most.  What the sensors are really doing is identifying the hottest spots of the card, and then guide the air appropriately to each of these spots to avoid GPU overheating.

Goals of the iCX2 cooling

  1. Improve the baseplate with improved thermal conductivity
    • The EVGA baseplates are state of art, every single inch has been designed to provide the best conductivity and heat management possible
    • The plate is designed in a way that all the heatsinks fit perfectly on each component, decreasing the thermal losses and of course increasing the cooling efforts
    • Additional heatpipe was installed in the VRM area, and this helps with the VRM heat management, which can often be the hottest area on the graphics GPU card. 
  2. Maximize the area where thermal conductors are in touch with the graphics components
    • The heatsinks are designed in a way that increases the area of contact up to 58% compared to iCX. There has been a lot of innovation made such as L-shaped heat sinks.
  3. Launch of the first ever Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing (HDB) fan
    • Honestly, we are not even sure what this does, but it sounds so cool that it must be working to cool down the GPU unit

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