(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

We all know that a Jedi’s greatest weapon is his trusty lightsaber but is it possible to build your own? While building your very own Death Star may sound a little out of this realm, creating your own lightsaber is actually a possibility as scientists in the US recently found out. So, just how would you put together your very own lightsaber and how would it work?

A lightsaber is the weapon of choice for Luke Sky walker and his clan,and if you are a wannabe Jedi Knight, then you can get one step closer to fulfilling your dream of fighting the Sith as we are excited to divulge that building a lightsaber is indeed possible. Well, kind of.

While the space opera saga continues to capture imaginations around the world with every new movie, even Ladbrokes have come up with a quiz for fans across the world. Many of us are left trying to fathom a practical way to build a lightsaber,which has led to a group of American physicists from Harvard and MIT discovering a way to do just this.

Build a Lightsaber

So, how does it work?

The science behind the real life lightsaber is complex but it basically works by binding photons together to create a new molecule that swishes and swashes just like George Lucas’s. Almost. In fact, the noise that the lightsabers make in the movies is so synonymous to the weapon that the same scientists are still perfecting the sound that their new creation makes to ensure they sound exactly like the “vvvhhhuuuuumm”-type noise they are famous for.

The physics of the real lightsabers involves the interaction of photons and as they push against each other, they create heat and light thus giving off the same effect as what we see in the movies. However, the scientists were quick to point out that their new invention isn’t actually a lightsaberand it actually just shares similar physics, rather than the same ethos.

The History of Lightsabers

For decades, people all over the world have been trying to recreate their own versions of the amazing lightsaber and sadly, most have failed. In 2014, a metal vapour torch was built by the US Military that was made up of a blade that when lit on fire it sliced through metal. However, while the flame managed to travel at an impressive 1,600 miles a second at a temperature of 2,700 degrees Celsius, it was only possible to keep it lit for a few seconds at a time.

And it’s not only the lightsaber that attracts a lot of attention, as some of the top nerdy scientists in China attempted to reproduce the famed tractor beam seen in Star Trek with the use of specialist lasers known as Bessel beams. In this case, as well as countless others, the quest to make fantasy a reality failed but we are happy to see that a real life lightsaber may soon be something that can be seen in a galaxy not so far, far away.

If a lightsaberever comes to light, then it would probably be the most expensive- and certainly the most exciting – weapon in the world. Now, if only we could make Ewoks come alive …