(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

Nixeus is a brand similar to Pixio in that it gained its popularity for very affordable gaming monitors and screens with high-end specifications, and they made them available on Amazon and Newegg. Nixeus specializes in monitors with AMD Freesync support, high refresh rates, and generally gaming community

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Nixeus EDG 27-Inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD AMD FreeSync Certified 240Hz

Nixeus EDG 27, Nixeus EDG 27v2

It all started with Nixeus EDG 27. A 27-inch screen, with 1440p resolution and 144hz refresh rates. This screen included AMD Freesync and was one of the most affordable 1440p, 144hz, 27-inch monitors at the launch. 

Recently, Nixeus launched an improved version of this gaming monitor with a name Nixeus EDG 27v2 – so version 2. 

Now most of the specifications of the new and old model are the same – the Nixeus EDG 27v2 still has 27-inch, 1440p and 144hz. However what is new is that now the v2 supports Freesync of 30Hz to 144Hz over both HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.

This a pretty unique feature. Until recently, the 144Hz was available mostly only for DisplayPort and there weren’t many screens, if any, which would support 144Hz over HDMI. So this improvement is definitely a nice step forward. 

Nixeus EDG 27v2 support of 144hz through HDMI

Nixeus EDG 27v2 is the first gaming monitor in the world which has AMD freesync up to 144hz through all DP and HDMI inputs. This is a really innovative feature. Other 144hz monitors usually support only Display Port issue. Which usually you should not have issues with if you are just using one screen, because most of the GPUs capable of reaching 144hz have at least one Display Port. 

But if your Graphics card has only one display port, but you want to have 2 gaming monitors, both of them capable of 144hz refresh rates, then you were out of luck until now. Most of the gamers have to compromise of having one high refresh rate monitor through DP input, and one low refresh (secondary monitor) through HDMI input. Nobody has to make this compromise now however, with EDG 27v2.

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