(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

Reasons to pic Pixio PX329 or other Pixio gaming monitors

Pixio monitors are gaining more and more traction in recent years. This is caused by 3 factors:

  1. Affordable prices

Pixio is selling gaming monitors with high refresh rates for usually cheaper prices than the competition or established brands like Acer or Dell. They claim themselves that Pixio is the most affordable monitor brand of gaming enthusiasts. And really by looking at the Pixio gaming monitor prices we can see that that’s true, more about those below. 

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  1. Great Value 

For the prices they are charging, Pixio is really delivering amazing specs on it’s screens. High resolutions and high refresh rates are what the gamers are looking for in their Pixio gaming screens. And the reviews of users are mostly positive, which just speaks for itself. 

  1. Availability of Pixio on Amazon 

The most popular Pixio PX329 gaming monitor is available on Amazon, which definitely added to the popularity of these gaming monitors. Customers not only enjoy free shipping, but the well known Amazon return policy. So gamers are not worried to try this affordable brand, and in the worst case they can return the Pixio Monitor if they are not satisfied with it. 

Pixio PX329 – The Ultimate Gaming Display

The PX329 is an excellent combination of performance and affordability. It is 32-ich, 1440p and comes with 165hz so really excellent gaming specs. In addition the screen supports AMD Freesync technology to provide even smoother experience. 

When launched the monitor was $500, however now you can have it for $329.99 on Pixio website, or between $299.99 to $330 directly on Amazon.com. 

Based on the Amazon price history, Pixio PX329 was declining in price gradually since the launch, which is expected since the technology is moving forward so fast. 

The monitor has 4.0/5.0 star reviews on Amazon.com, and the same review rating on Newegg.com. 

Pixio PX325c – Curved 1080p Gaming Monitor

The Pixio PX325c is great for gamers who prefer curved gaming monitors. 

However be aware, compared to the PX329 this screen has lower resolution, and lower refresh rate, at the same size. So the picture will be more pixelated. We do not really recommend getting 1080p screens on monitors larger than 27”. So at 32”, this is a good deal only if you really really want a large screen and you either can’t afford 1440p, or your graphics card can’t handle the 1440p load. 

The Pixio PX325x gaming monitor is $349.99 on Pixio website and is currently not available on Amazon.com. 

Pixio PX275h – 27-ich 1440p hybrid gaming monitor

This monitor is excelent option if you want 27-ich screen, 1440p resolution, but you don’t necessarily need the highest refresh rate since the screen comes with 95hz refresh rate. 

What it means is that thanks to the 1440p resolution, you can be more productive and see crispier picture. And the 95hz will add some smoothness to gaming, but not necessarily 144hz. 95hz is plenty enough if you don’t play fast speed multiplayer games like Fortnite or Rocket League on advanced level, so this screen is amazing for a casual gamer. 

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